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Car Service Center Of Andronikashvili Street


The GDCDESIGN & CONSTRUCTION LLC has successfully prepared the design and estimate documentation for electricity supply, gas station, car-wash, service center of the Tbilisi Transport Company Ltd. car service center and arrangement of the area located at 38(a), first turn Andronikashvili Street.

Within the framework of this project, it is planned to transform the car service center into a depot of municipal buses (it will serve about 200 units of municipal buses); and also, a major overhaul of the service center in accordance with modern standards and its modernization. The mentioned depot provides maintenance services for municipal vehicles, as well as their fuel supply and cleaning. The main part of the area will be allocated for parking space.

During the renovation of the car service center, the following have been designed:

New transformer substation for stable power supply of the bus depot;
Gas station (with diesel fuel);
Charging devices for electric buses;
Car-wash points equipped with modern washing devices;
Boxes with appropriate drain system; “Server room” and related computer network;
Video surveillance system;
Outdoor lighting and depot entrance / exit checkpoints;
Underground fire hydrant;
Offices for cashiers, dispatchers, mechanics and security guards;
Health post for medical examination of drivers.