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Car Depot #1


The GDCDESIGN & CONSTRUCTION LLC has successfully prepared the design and estimate documentation for electricity supply car depot #1and arrangement of fuel-filling stations and car-wash point of the Tbilisi Transport Company Ltd. Within the framework of the mentioned project, by decision of Tbilisi City Hall, Tbilisi Transport Company Ltd. has purchased new buses of different sizes and placed in car depot #1 that serves about 300 buses. It provides the technical maintenance of municipal buses, their fuel filling and cleaning/ Within the framework of the project, a new transformation substation necessary for stable electricity supply of the car depot, new diesel filling station complex for buses, “server”-room and related computer network, video surveillance system on the whole area of car depot, new car-wash point equipped with modern washing devices, bus parking spaces with appropriate drainage system has been designed. Based on the modern standards, experts have studied the technical condition of the car depot administration building and bus repair area, necessity of rehabilitation-modernization works have been determined.