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Established since the year 2018, based in Tbilisi, Georgia

A resourceful team focused on their job

Who We Are ?

We are trying to create a product that will introduce a completely new standard of living in Georgia.

Our main value are responsibility, result-oriented and competence.

We are looking for innovative approaches that will bring a living space, as well as an optimal planning and construction process to a new level.

We constantly develop new ideas with creative approaches. Introduction of different innovations gives us the opportunity to always protect construction dates and especially to take care of quality.

During a construction process we use innovative systems to ensure the sustainability and energy efficiency of our buildings. With innovative approaches, we plan the environment so that each square meter will be efficiently distributed and maximally customized to the needs and desires of our customers.


our goals

Our goal is to develop the environment that will improve the quality of life of everyone. This is the main idea around which the team of GDC is united. We are trying to create a product that introduces a completely new standard of living in Georgia.

our values

The conceptual direction of the company is focused on creating an individual and comfortable environment for the human being, as well as its organic involvement in the environment where the content of public functions and wishes of private individuals are equally taken into account and create a unity. Our projects are distinguished by scales, diversity, innovative approaches, modern architecture and most importantly by quality.


Why Us

Our Design and Construction company is ranked among the finest in Georgia.

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