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Home In Kuwait


The GDCDESIGN & CONSTRUCTION LLC has successfully designed a one-story holiday home in Kuwait. In the architectural part of the house modern and traditional details are harmoniously combined, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the project. The combination of the facade and the local landscape once again confirms the uniqueness of the designed house. Within the framework of the project, Kharagauli visit center was organized in accordance with agreed design and technical projects, which included the installation of furniture, shelves, banners, posters, an interactive game space, eco-educational and information areas, a glass floor in the entrance, innovative glass ceiling and purchase and installation of electrical equipment, printing of banners and posters and other elements provided for by the technical design. It is noteworthy that only eco-friendly materials were used in the project. The mentioned project was implemented in close cooperation with the Agency of Protected Areas and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).